POETRY EVENT with Diana Moore

"We had a lovely afternoon yesterday with our special guest Diana Moore, performing her fantastic art related poetry"  (from Bridge House Care Home Facebook Page)

Poetry Sessions ~ Feedback ~ Lady Nuffield Home

Poetry Sessions ~ Feedback ~ Lady Nuffield Home 24/02/2016

A session that is increasing in popularity is my art-based poetry sessions.  Intelligent, Interactive, Accessible, Educational.  Here is feedback from a visit to The Lady Nuffield Home:

'I like your poetry'  said Joan.  ...'very different to the usual visits..'

Please ask her back'  Susan reminded the activities manager

'We've not had anything like this before' ..  'unique, interesting, original'  .. 'an engaging and enjoyable session' ..  'When residents ask you back it is the best example of feedback'    David Rudge, Activities Manager

Art-based Poetry Feedback ~ Two Bream and a Ray

Art-based Poetry Feedback ~ Two Bream and a Ray 22/11/2015

I've created a poetic menu based on a Roman Fish Dish in the Ashmolean Museum (see image to the right).

"To say you have a unique and original style is an under statement.
  It's so appealing in it's layout and the light touch and humour belie the
  knowledge and information contained underneath."

        Tony Vincent Isaacs,  Musician and Poet

Cows at Cookham by Sir Stanley Spencer

Cows at Cookham by Sir Stanley Spencer 24/10/2015

A poem/lyric/script by Diana Moore, inspired by Stanley Spencer's painting of Cows at Cookham, Modern Art Gallery, Level 3, Ashmolean Museum.

The theme for October's readings was (a) Modern Art, and (b) based on 19th century French poet Stephane Mallarmés Meaning: Interplay & Interconnections.  I was attracted to Cows at Cookham in the Modern Art gallery which fitted one part of the remit, but I didn't know much about Mallarmé... yet...  How could I interplay and interconnect...?  What made him tick...?  Well... I discover that he influenced Claude Debussy who composed a piece called  L'après-midi d'un faune... (afternoon of the faun) based on one of Mallarmés poems.  Music, music... I do enjoy music... I listen to Debussy... I connect Debussy and the cows... have you ever heard a cow moo Debussy...? My thoughts develop into a poetic script for two voices.

If you would like to hear the poem or if you would like me to visit your school or establishment to share my art-based poetry workshops, please do get in touch.  

Further information on Stephane Mallarmé at  http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/stephane-mallarme

Words, Wit (and Flamingos?)

Words, Wit (and Flamingos?) 07/07/2015

The Adult Dyslexia Centre proudly presents:  Words, Wit (and Flamingos?)  5th July 2015.

I've had a wonderful time at the Adult Dyslexia Centre in Maidenhead, working with the group to develop their writing skills into performance pieces and leading on to a production at The Studio Theatre at Nordern Farm.  Here is what Debbie, the Centre Manager has to say:

   'Diana was recommended to us by a Centre tutor who had heard some of her performance pieces and felt that she would work well with our group. Our performance 'Words, Wit ( and Flamingos)' was put together with tremendous panache and professionalism in only 4 weeks. It consisted of 32 short items of humorous writings (mostly written by the members) with performance and dance. What an achievement - to enable a group of dyslexic adults who have difficulties with words, sequencing and memory to feel confident performing in a theatre to an audience who thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Thank you, Diana, for all your, patience, perseverance and belief that we could 'produce the goods'.  

Debbie Farnfield, 

Adult Dyslexia Centre Manager

Playground on Fire at the Old Fire Station

Playground on Fire at the Old Fire Station 18/06/2015

I am delighted to be a part of the Playground on Fire events. I shall be in the Gallery on Saturday 27th June from 3 - 4 p.m. Joining me will be: actor Jon Crowley and soprano Anna Shackleton. Together we will be presenting 'A VISITOR TO THE FOREST'.  There will be singing and acting/improvising of extracts from this arts-based performance poem inspired by Paolo Uccello's The Hunt in the Forest.  Audience participation is invited.  All welcome.  

A Visitor to the Forest is available from Blackwells and the Ashmolean Museum shop, also online via Amazon.co.uk

Events and Workshops April, May, June, July 2015 31/03/2015

Here are a few of the workshops and events that I have booked for spring and summer.

Ashmolean Museum ~ poetry workshop for adults with learning difficulties based on 'The Hunt in the Forest'
Residential Care Home ~ poetry readings, performance and discussion
Adult Dyslexia Centre ~ comedy, poetry, writing and performance workshop leading to a theatre production
Stagecoach Theatre Arts School ~ Poetry performance workshops with mini musical/acting performances for each age group ranging from age 6 to 18 years

April 2015  Feedback following my visit to Chiltern Grange Care Home:  "Thank you very much to the lovely Diana Moore for carrying out an 'Introduction to Creative Writing and Poetry' session for our residents.  An informative, interesting session filled with lots of humour!  Your poems were brilliant, we look forward to seeing you again soon." Corinne Smith, Activities Manager 

Coles Bookstore in Bicester 07/03/2015

Thanks to Caroline at Coles Bookstore in Bicester for her continued support in stocking my latest book A Visitor to the Forest which is an art based poem designed for performance and suitable for ages 7 to adult.   Here is a link to Coles - it is a lovely independent book shop in Crown Walk, Bicester.  wym-1432049712180


Testimonial 17/02/2015

 I met Diana Moore through the readings in the Ashmolean museum. Her poems have a lovely sense of fun and wordplay, and she has a wonderful instinct for making texts which will appeal to children in performance. This little book contains one such poem, inspired by a famous painting by Uccello.  Dr Giles Watson, University of Western Australia


Testimonial 19/01/2015

In 2012 I had the pleasure of reading with Diana Moore as part of the Ashmolean Museum's 'Poetry and Pictures' program, and since then, I've been witness to her meticulous craftsmanship and professional approach. Diana's poetry is imaginative and playful; a welcome reprieve from the monotone readings one comes to expect. Diana brings a musical element to the poems, whispering, chanting, and singing. I'm always surprised and delighted by Diana's theatricality, playfulness, and humour. She is a natural performer, whether in schools, special needs groups, museums, or on the BBC. Her books can be found in Blackwell's and Waterstones. Her latest book, a poetic response to Uccello's Hunt in the Forest, will be available in the Ashmolean Museum shop this year.                        

                                                   Jalina Mhyana (www.jalina.co.uk)

                                                   Director, Ekphrasis / Poetry in the Museum

Poetry Evening in Witney 18/12/2014

Poetry celebrating the Dylan Thomas centenary  wym-1418924537478

Playground ~ New Work and Collaboration Platform

Playground ~ New Work and Collaboration Platform 13/09/2014


Looking forward to being in the Playground on Tuesday 23rd September....

The Gallery, Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford

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