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Ashmolean Poetry Tour 28/02/2019

 29th June 2019
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Meet in Gallery 21

Planning Your Writing Career 28/03/2018

28th March 2018 Event:  ~   Planning Your Writing Career ~ Oxford University Careers Service
Hosted by Oxford Writers' House

Today I was on the panel for this interesting event:
Join Oxford Writers' House and Writers in Oxford for a night discussing the realities of making your writing into a sustainable career. This is your opportunity to meet with writing professionals from playwrights to poets, editors to journalists, scriptwriters to novelists to get to grips with what to expect and how to transform your passion into a way of life.
We'll be hearing from: Non-fiction, journalism - Melanie King    Radio, TV - Jean Buchanan   Fiction, short stories - Lorna Patterson   Poetry - Mariah Whelan
Poetry and Performance - Diana Moore

A Poetry Tour in a Book at the Ashmolean Museum

A Poetry Tour in a Book at the Ashmolean Museum 03/02/2018

with Diana Moore 


Ashmolean Gallery Lecturer Cassie O'Brien, had this to say:
"Your witty and perceptive responses through poetry and song were very engaging and fits in well with the Ashmolean's open door philosophy towards creativity in all its forms." 

Regular visitor Joanna said: "This is brilliant how you've put it all together”.

Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum 27/12/2017

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
There is a jigsaw available of  the 'Objects in the Ashmolean' book cover; here it is in the Ashmolean Museum shop along with the book.  (it's also in Blackwell's - image below).
The jigsaw - made by Wentworth - has unusual shaped pieces and whimsy cut-outs which, in this particular jigsaw, relate to museum objects.  The edges are not what you'd expect either.  It really is a fun and interesting way to piece art and history together!
Ashmolean are currently running a promotion on the book and jigsaw, while stock lasts.

Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle 20/12/2017

Blackwell's, Oxford
 Objects in the Ashmolean ~ jigsaw and book are available in Blackwell's.
The book is an art and poetry resource, and the jigsaw is a fun way to piece art and history together.

Montessori International 19/12/2017

 Chief Education Officer Barbara Isaacs has kindly reviewed my book: Objects in the Ashmolean, An Art and Poetry Resource, it is published in their winter magazine 2017/18  (Issue 123).

Previews and Reviews of Objects in the Ashmolean

Previews and Reviews of Objects in the Ashmolean 12/07/2017

An Art and Poetry Resource by Diana Moore:

Mathew Tobin says:

Previews and Reviews of Objects in the Ashmolean

Previews and Reviews of Objects in the Ashmolean 09/07/2017

 An Art and Poetry Resource by Diana Moore

Claire Frampton says:  I work as a gallery attendant and my theatre in heritage project is about imagining theatre in the Ashmolean live events.  Reading this book made me feel enthused about different perspectives creative interpretation can bring. I liked the arrangement of photos, description and poetry. I liked the way the book presented new ways of thinking creatively about objects.

A Fishy Coat Tale, A Visitor to the Forest, and Objects in the Ashmolean - all available from bookstores, and via Amazon
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