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Events and Workshops April, May, June, July 2015 31/03/2015

Here are a few of the workshops and events that I have booked for spring and summer.

Ashmolean Museum ~ poetry workshop for adults with learning difficulties based on 'The Hunt in the Forest'
Residential Care Home ~ poetry readings, performance and discussion
Adult Dyslexia Centre ~ comedy, poetry, writing and performance workshop leading to a theatre production
Stagecoach Theatre Arts School ~ Poetry performance workshops with mini musical/acting performances for each age group ranging from age 6 to 18 years

April 2015  Feedback following my visit to Chiltern Grange Care Home:  "Thank you very much to the lovely Diana Moore for carrying out an 'Introduction to Creative Writing and Poetry' session for our residents.  An informative, interesting session filled with lots of humour!  Your poems were brilliant, we look forward to seeing you again soon." Corinne Smith, Activities Manager 

Coles Bookstore in Bicester 07/03/2015

Thanks to Caroline at Coles Bookstore in Bicester for her continued support in stocking my latest book A Visitor to the Forest which is an art based poem designed for performance and suitable for ages 7 to adult.   Here is a link to Coles - it is a lovely independent book shop in Crown Walk, Bicester.  wym-1432049712180


Testimonial 17/02/2015

 I met Diana Moore through the readings in the Ashmolean museum. Her poems have a lovely sense of fun and wordplay, and she has a wonderful instinct for making texts which will appeal to children in performance. This little book contains one such poem, inspired by a famous painting by Uccello.  Dr Giles Watson, University of Western Australia


Testimonial 19/01/2015

In 2012 I had the pleasure of reading with Diana Moore as part of the Ashmolean Museum's 'Poetry and Pictures' program, and since then, I've been witness to her meticulous craftsmanship and professional approach. Diana's poetry is imaginative and playful; a welcome reprieve from the monotone readings one comes to expect. Diana brings a musical element to the poems, whispering, chanting, and singing. I'm always surprised and delighted by Diana's theatricality, playfulness, and humour. She is a natural performer, whether in schools, special needs groups, museums, or on the BBC. Her books can be found in Blackwell's and Waterstones. Her latest book, a poetic response to Uccello's Hunt in the Forest, will be available in the Ashmolean Museum shop this year.                        

                                                   Jalina Mhyana (www.jalina.co.uk)

                                                   Director, Ekphrasis / Poetry in the Museum

Poetry Evening in Witney 18/12/2014

Poetry celebrating the Dylan Thomas centenary  wym-1418924537478

Playground ~ New Work and Collaboration Platform

Playground ~ New Work and Collaboration Platform 13/09/2014


Looking forward to being in the Playground on Tuesday 23rd September....

The Gallery, Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford

New book coming soon 15/07/2014

My next book is a poem designed for performance based on Paolo Uccello's 'The Hunt in the Forest'.

Open Mic at Blackwell's Bookshop, Oxford 02/07/2014

After a busy day of poetry sessions in a local school, I went along to Blackwell's Bookshop for the open mic evening.  There was a very good crowd in attendance and I was delighted to receive a real show of appreciation for my humorous poems.

Poetry in residential homes ~ feedback 14/05/2014

Feedback from recent visits to individuals and groups in residential homes:  June from Letcombe Regis said "fascinating, and very stimulating".  The ladies at Fairfields in Oxford said "Do come back".   So do get in touch if you would like an interesting session on Creating and Writing Poetry.  There is an array of subject matter available (for these sessions) from art and poetry, poetry and pictures, to Edward Lear nonsense as well as historical (e.g. Henry VIII) and contemporary poems.

Ashmolean Museum ~ poetry in the galleries

Ashmolean Museum ~ poetry in the galleries 29/04/2014

Received lovely feedback on my lyrical poem based on 'The Hunt in the Forest' by Paolo Ucello.  If you would like to hear the poem, do get in touch.  It will be good to share with a wider audience.  There is an interesting book written by Catherine Whistler on the subject of this wonderful painting. You can buy it in the Ashmolean shop for £5.  Another poetry tour coming up on 24th May at the Ashmolean Museum.  I will have a new piece (yet to be decided) ready for 14th June poetry tour.

Hand-written letter from Sir David Attenborough

Hand-written letter from Sir David Attenborough 10/04/2014

It was lovely to receive a hand-written letter from Sir David Attenborough in his no doubt very busy schedule, thanking me for the 'A Fishy Coat Tale And Other Poems' book and a view of my new nonsense verse specially written for Edward Lear, a poetry collection that is due to be published in 2014.

Southbank centre ~ 15th February 2014

Southbank centre ~ 15th February 2014 06/02/2014

http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk   Delighted to say I will be performing a poetry showcase to an audience of under 12's and their families here at Southbank Centre on 15th February 2014

Ashmolean Museum ~ 'Two Bream And A Ray' 28/01/2014

Thanks to all who came along to the poetry tours including our regulars, first-time visitors, and to Cheryl, our tour guide for the day.  We had good size audiences and lots of positive feedback on the wide range of poems and subject matter.

Ashmolean poetry in the galleries 18/01/2014

   Next poetry tour is on Saturday 25th January  12:30 to 1:30 and 2:30 to 3:30.  
   I will be performing Two Bream and a Ray based on a Roman fish plate.

Flamingo goes to Lincolnshire 12/01/2014

A little bird tells me....  as a result of the performance at Ashmolean, Flamingo Calypso was introduced to children at a school in Moreton, Lincolnshire.

Ashmolean Poetry Tour

Ashmolean Poetry Tour 07/12/2013

The Greater Flamingo slipped out of his aviary (Jameel Centre) for a performance of 'Flamingo Calypso'. Thanks to the visitors who came along specially (on a busy Christmas shopping day), and who were great sports and joined in with the 'song and dance'.

Ashmolean Museum ~ poetry in the galleries 18/11/2013

Next poetry readings in the galleries are on December 7th.

Flamingo Calypso at Wantage Literary Festival

Flamingo Calypso at Wantage Literary Festival 17/11/2013

Event date: 24th October 2013

It was lovely to meet Teachers and Class 2 children from Wantage Primary School and Charlton Primary School.  Children participated in singing, dancing and mimicking animal noises. The two schools were the first to try out my newly created FLAMINGO CALYPSO poem/song which I wrote specially for the event.

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Wantage Literary Festival 2013 15/10/2013

 Wantage Literary Festival is fast approaching.  Here is a link which you may like to explore.  http://www.wantagebetjeman.com/store/ I will be doing a poetry event for 120 children.

Ashmolean Museum ~ Henry VIII and his six wives

Ashmolean Museum ~ Henry VIII and his six wives 05/10/2013

POETRY AT THE MUSEUM.  It is good to receive feedback - especially when it is positive!  A number of visitors came up to thank me after my 'brief poetic overview' of Henry and his wives.  It was my first attempt at seven different voices...!  Thanks also to John,  for taking the time to drop me a line to show his appreciation.

Waterstones, Oxford

Waterstones, Oxford 25/09/2013

A Fishy Coat Tale And Other Poems is available in Waterstones, Oxford.

A Fishy Coat Tale - my first photoshoot

A Fishy Coat Tale - my first photoshoot 17/07/2013

  Greetings from:  Gregory Goldfish, Oscar the Octopus, Sylvester Stingray

Alice's Day Oxford Central Library

Alice's Day Oxford Central Library 24/06/2013

Alice's Day is on 6th July in Oxford Central Library.  Here you will be able to see Greg Goldfish, Sylvester Stingray and Oscar Octopus make their first appearance as part of the 'Fun With Nonsense Poems' event hosted by Diana Moore, from 10:30 until 11:15 a.m.

Meet Gregory and Sylvester...

Meet Gregory and Sylvester... 23/06/2013

 Meet Gregory Goldfish and Sylvester Stingray - these fantastic puppets have been made by the talented Helen Vallis of Lydia Designs. Helen (pictured to the right) is currently working on the next fishy coat tale puppet: Oscar Octopus, the friendly (part-time) cloakroom attendant to fellow fish in A FISHY COAT TALE AND OTHER POEMS.

Pan Listening to Echo ~ Ashmolean poetry tour 15/06/2013

Ashmolean poetry in the galleries

Ashmolean poetry in the galleries 15/05/2013

My latest poem:  'I've Got The Silver-Finned Blues' was written in response to the wonderful painting by Bicci di Lorenzo of St Nicholas of Bari Banishing a storm.  I decided to give the mermaid a voice (she is swimming out of the picture - I will try to adjust this image to at least show her here....!) and my poem became a lyric which I sang (in parts) to the large swell of people gathered in  the Italian Renaissance gallery, and I really appreciated the applause.

Writers In Oxford 25/04/2013

I attended an interesting talk by the writer Joanna Kenrick (aka Jo Cotterill), an energetic and lively-minded author of many children's and teenage books.  Joanna gave a talk on setting up a multi-author blog and how to run a targeted marketing campaign online, along with many other useful tips to writers of all genres.

Oxford Literary Festival in the snow 17/03/2013

   Two trips to two enjoyable events:  Roger McGough's Imaginary Menagerie and, later in the week, Julia Donaldson's stories and
   songs at the Sheldonian.

A Fishy Coat Tale, A Visitor to the Forest, and Objects in the Ashmolean - all available from bookstores, and via Amazon
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