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I had a live interview with Sybil Ruscoe who was very taken with my book A FISHY COAT TALE AND OTHER POEMS, likening it to a book of modern day nursery rhymes.  It is good to know that both adults and children can enjoy the book. Sybil enjoyed Molly the Dog and the humour of the dog's reply - this poem was written as a 'get well' greeting for a local collie dog whose walkies were curtailed when she had a sore paw.  My son Nicholas, graphic designer and illustrator, came on air to talk about his favourite illustration, 'Horsewife' - a cartoon style horse wearing an apron and holding a tray of flapjacks.  With so many cookery programmes on TV right now, 'Horsewife' (aka Hilary Horsewife) is very contemporary doing her own version of a 'Bake Off'.  Mmm! Lovely flapjacks...!

I read several of the poems on air and added animal voices, so that, when the presenter chose 'Mary Had A Mobile Phone', I included a short burst (just a few baaaaaas) of the jazz number 'Tequila' for the singing and dancing baaaaa lambs which added a playful note.  A favourite in schools is the lively 'La Bambaaaaaaaa'!  Part of the fun of the poems is that they can be taken off the page and acted out in many ways to suit children and adults.

My prize-winning poems and witty lines have been broadcast on local and national radio (BBC Oxford and BBC Radio 2).

A Fishy Coat Tale

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